Jody Hicks, MA, RP, CCC
Registered Psychotherapist

Sacred Sensuality


This work:

I support soulful women who are feeling overwhelmed to access their feminine energy and have clearer, more direct access to their vitality and inspiration.  I teach women how to cultivate and deepen their relationship with themselves through the sacred, healing art of sensuality and embodiment.    Please note that if choosing Sacred Sensuality there is a 6 session commitment. 

Who I work with:

Women who feel disconnected from herself, her intuition and her body.  She feels dis-satisfied with the lack of passion and inspiration in her life.  She longs to feel connection however feels tired, overwhelmed and burnt out.  She no longer only want to survive, she had a deep desire to thrive.  She craves accessing her sensuality as a portal to mystical experience and deeper meaning.


  • To feel sensuality more intensely.  Deeper levels of presence when experiencing and expressing the range of your emotions
  • To experience a sense of appreciation, love and tenderness for yourself and your  body
  • To feel more confident in your life, clearer about your worth and life direction.  To know, deep in your bones that you are worthy of love and respect, worthy of being honoured. 
  • Transforming physical, emotional and spiritual disconnection into sacred connection
  • Identify emotional, mental and physical blocks and understand their wisdom.  Release emotional pain and suffering. 
  • Reframe limiting cognitive narratives
  • Own your empowerment through embodied sensuality
  • Learn how to manage nervous system overwhelm
  • Access your feminine energy and inspiration


  • Embodiment practises such as breathwork, somatic awareness, dance/movement, mindfulness practise, identifying body-mind pieces, sacred ritual
  • Befriending the discarded and shadow aspects of the self.  
  • Learning how to set healthy boundaries
  • Personalized self care practises